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Ground leveling

In this article I would like to explain the importance of having the ground leveled or prepared for a play set or a shed installation. Great moment you have your delivery done. Your shed is in the backyard and you have been trying to find a contractor to assemble it.

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Basically there are two types of platforms for a prefabricated shed installation: wood and concrete. Concrete is definitely more expensive and it will take more time to remove. At the same time it serves longer. The reason why many of our customers choose wooden platforms is of course price. And it takes one day to build and assemble a shed on it. Typically we make a frame with 2×4 ground contact lumber, cover with plywood and install the structure on pavers put in the ground. If your area is uneven , additionally 4×4 timber is used to level the platform. And that’s it! To assemble a shed on top is like a piece of cake. Regarding a playset installation, when your site is uneven we recommend leveling a certain area as mentioned in a manual and building walls perimeter.

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After we are having a playset installation and pouring some mulch. Also can do tiles or artificial grass. Children will be happy! The importance for a platform installation is when you have an uneven area you can not put together the shed correctly, it can’t be used properly. It is bent. Playsets usually have long and straight frames. I believe you don’t want to have a swing set seat 5 inches off the ground. So do it right or call me to do it for you!