TV wall mount service

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  • We have been mounting TV sets for over 5 years. Click ORDER NOW for a fast estimate
  • We do a TV mount with a bracket to a certain place on the wall.
  • Please, tell us about the wall material before ordering the service
  • Have a TV in the room where it is to be installed before provider arrives. We don't want to charge extra. Moving is not included
  • We do a cleanup of work area. Take packaging to customer's bins unless customer declines
  • Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider. We will warn you in this case
  • 99% satisfaction included

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from 120$


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Over 5 years serving NY and NJ

TV Moving:

img 20 - TV wall mount service
  • Moving Up to 100 Lb (1 person) one floor – $60 ( + $20 every next floor)
  • Moving 100Lb – 200 Lb (2 person) one floor – $120 (+ $40every next floor)
  • Moving 200Lb- 350 Lb (3 person) one floor – $180 (+ $60 every next floor)
  • Moving More than 350 Lb – Should be discussed

We work with brands

We work with all types of TV sets from 10” – 100”

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* The customer pays the full cost of the service if the equipment does not work correctly or does not work after assembly, and its replacement or repair is required under the manufacturer's warranty

* Travel fee in case we found broken pieces when we opened box is $50

* In the case of installation of professional, expensive, non-standard equipment, the price can be agreed upon before starting work

* Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider

* In case of price change, the client is warned in advance

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