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Aksestroy is a licensed and insured roofing company based in North Bergen, New Jersey. We serve the State of New Jersey and our expertise is installation and repair slate, wood, metal roofs on your residential building. This is a fact that your roof is a major investment. So the project should be led, designed, engineered and protected by trained, experienced local roofing professionals. With over 6 years in business, our crew is not the same as other roofing companies due to our skilled and educated workmanship, great customer service, fair business practices and project management.

Advantages of Copper Roofing
When it comes for you to choosing Copper as the roof material, there is one great thing you will be grateful for :
copper does not rust, it has no finish to scratch or peel, and weathers naturally to an amazing, natural green patina.
Although being more expensive than aluminum , Copper is a natural rare metal that can give your home the look !
People began to use copper as a roof material hundreds years ago .The usage is based on some traditional practices. The material even has the ability to lower cooling costs in some States, as sunlight can be reflected away from your house roof rather than absorbed.
One of the best pros to a metal roof is that it doesn’t require any maintenance at all. You don’t have to remember your roofing contractor’s phone number. No special washing, no painting, and no large repairs are necessary.
When a panel becomes dinged- you should not even touch it. This just helps the copper panel to have the natural look. You don’t have to worry about coming weathering, you welcome it, enjoy the beautiful patina.

Slate roofs
If you are in search of a delicate roofing material for an excellent home, slate may be the right answer. It has several advantages you will like: the natural appearance, resistance to fire, it does not rot, ease of maintenance, and a life of about 100 years. Slate can be available in a variety of colors and styles.
Weight and price are some of the disadvantages, and installation may need a high degree of expertise. Slate tiles are easy to break, the roofs are not easy to do maintenance on.
Slate Roof Professionals of Northern New Jersey offers slate in a wide variety of sizes, prices. and in unfading colors that weather well. Slate roof systems are a durable, long lasting solution. With a lifetime of 100 years or more, it protects homes with the added super safety and assurance of being fireproof.
Having a slate roof installed you will have such benefits as: it is safe to environment,
can’t be affected by freeze, has resistance to hail and any acid rain and it is of course beautiful.

Wood roofs
Used for roofing across the whole world for hundreds of years, cedar shingles and shakes provide long-lasting weather protection. Such roofs add a rustic aesthetic to their structures. Cedar is known everywhere for its beauty and natural values. There is no doubting the natural beauty of a professionally installed shingle or shake roof. The “Wow Factor” is added by it’s natural appearance you will love from the very moment you see it. The price can be the only thing you will have to think about before ordering the roof. Being an upscale roofing product, cedar demands special attention in design, selection, and installation. This results in a higher basical cost. In spite of the fact a professionally installed cedar roof will be a attractive, durable investment, it may require some more periodic maintenance than traditional roofing systems. You can minimize it by choosing the right installer and products. Aksestroy roofing crew has the expertise, experience and education to provide a greater cedar roof for your building!
Our crew does its best to be an expert at installing wood shake cedar roofs in New Jersey. While creating a beautiful look for your home, being eco-friendly and naturally bug-resistant it provides great thermal protection. You can’t get the same look from ordinary shingles. We at Aksestroy are highly trained experts that know how to install your cedar wood shake roof here in NJ. Be aware if a cedar shake roof is installed incorrectly it can drop even in 10 or 15 years. That expectancy can reach up to 80 years, but only if the right materials are used and the installation is done perfectly.

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