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120$ Flat Rate

Are you in need of a professional solution for assembling your exercise bike? With a track record spanning over 5 years in assembling sports equipment, we take pride in being your trusted partner for a seamless and efficient simulators setup.

Why hire?

Hiring professional assembly services for exercise bikes can significantly enhance your overall fitness experience. Assembling a stationary bike might seem straightforward, but the process can quickly become complicated, requiring careful attention to detail and technical expertise. Opting for assembly services ensures that your exercise equipment is put together correctly, minimizing the risk of errors or safety hazards. Trained technicians not only have the necessary tools and knowledge to efficiently assemble the bike, but they also save you time and frustration. By delegating the assembly to experts, you can focus on what truly matters – your fitness journey – while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a professionally assembled exercise bike.

We can handle any model

Furthermore, Aksestroy LLC specializes in assembling exercise bikes of various brands and types. Our skilled team is experienced in handling a wide range of exercise models, regardless of the brand or complexity. Whether you've purchased a basic stationary bike or a high-tech, feature-rich model, our experts are well-equipped to ensure a seamless assembly process. We understand that each bike may come with its unique set of instructions and components, and our professionals are adept at navigating these intricacies to guarantee that your exercise bike is set up correctly, functioning smoothly, and ready for your fitness endeavors.

Why should you choose our service?

  • Experienced professionals: our team of skilled exercise bike assembly experts brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring your equipment is assembled to perfection.
  • Simple scheduling: initiating the assembly process is easy – just click ORDER NOW to schedule an appointment that suits your timetable.
  • Precise assembly: we meticulously follow the manufacturer's product instructions to guarantee accurate and secure assembly.
  • Preparation matters: to streamline the process, ensure your exercise bike is already in the designated room before our professionals arrive.
  • A neat finish: we believe in leaving a tidy workspace, including the disposal of packaging materials unless you instruct otherwise.
  • Transparent pricing: any additional work required will be communicated with you, along with a revised estimate before proceeding.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: your satisfaction is our priority. We stand behind our work with a 100% service satisfaction guarantee.

As a token of our appreciation, everyone who submits an online request will receive an exclusive 7% discount applicable to all our services.

Exercise bike moving solutions

Beyond assembly, we extend our services to exercise bike moving solutions to cater to your needs. Our pricing structure is as follows (for one floor):

  1. Moving Up to 100 Lb (1 person) – $60 (+ $20 for each additional level).
  2. Moving 100 Lb – 200 Lb (2 persons) – $120 (+ $40 for each additional floor).
  3. Moving 200 Lb - 350 Lb (3 persons) – $180 (+ $60 for each additional level).
  4. For weights exceeding 350 Lb, please contact us for a personalized quote.

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Why people choose us

With us your projects are protected and handled professionally.







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The two gentlemen were not simply professional. They were respectful, highly intelligent, and nice.
Not only did handle the job with care and consideration.
They also problem-solved like professional project managers. Indeed was truly an experience-
the two guys displayed great team work, were extremely proficient, and professional.


I first chose Aksestroy because they had flat-rate charge for me. Many others charged by the hour and can dictate the pace.
The company is professional and pleasant. They did a fantastic job in a very quick time. I will certainly hire them
for my next job! Thank You!


The technician Alex arrived on time and got right to work. His service was professional and efficient and he did a great
job of assembling my exercise bike. He was very courteous too. I had an excellent experience with Aksestroy and
would use them in the future.

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* The customer pays the full cost of the service if the equipment does not work correctly or does not work after assembly, and its replacement or repair is required under the manufacturer's warranty

* Travel fee in case we found broken pieces when we opened box is $50

* In the case of installation of professional, expensive, non-standard equipment, the price can be agreed upon before starting work

* Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider

* In case of price change, the client is warned in advance

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