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When it comes to setting up your Pilates reformer, opting for professional assembly services is of paramount importance. Proper assembly ensures the equipment functions safely and effectively, providing you with a secure and enjoyable workout experience. Here at Aksestroy LLC, we understand the significance of professional assembly, and we are committed to delivering top-notch services that guarantee the optimal performance of your Pilates reformer.

Why professional assembly matters

  1. Expertise and experience. Our skilled technicians are trained in assembling fitness equipment, especially complex pieces like the Pilates reformer. They possess the knowledge and experience to correctly follow product instructions, ensuring every component is assembled accurately.
  2. Safety first. Improper assembly can lead to accidents and injuries while using the equipment. Our professionals make certain that all parts are securely fastened, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring your safety during workouts.
  3. Efficiency. With the expertise of our assembly team, the process is streamlined and efficient. You won't have to spend hours deciphering instructions and struggling with tools; we'll handle it all, saving you time and effort.

Our advantages

  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied Pilates reformer per product instructions.
  • Prior placement: Ensure the product is in the designated room before our team arrives, as moving the product post-assembly is not included in our service.
  • Product activation and smart feature setup are not part of the service.
  • Cleaning up: We leave your space tidy by cleaning the assembly area and disposing of packaging, unless you prefer otherwise.
  • Transparent pricing: Additional tasks or complexities may lead to a revised estimate, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Additionally, we appreciate our customers and offer a 7% discount on all services for those who request assistance through our online form.

Moving services

Apart from assembly, we also provide pilates reformer moving services, making your fitness equipment relocation hassle-free. Whether you're shifting homes or just rearranging your space, count on us to move your pilates reformer securely.


  1. Up to 100 Lb (1 person):
    • One level: $60.
    • Every next floor: +$20.
  2. 100 Lb – 200 Lb (2 persons):
    • One floor: $120.
    • Every next floor: +$40.
  3. 200 Lb – 350 Lb (3 persons):
    • One floor: $180.
    • Every next level: +$60.
  4. More than 350 Lb:
    • Rates will be discussed based on the specific requirements.

At Aksestroy LLC, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that cater to your Pilates reformer needs, from assembly to relocation. Trust our expertise and experience for a seamless and professional service experience.

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I like to do exercise at home , have the machine bought and asked the guys to come assemble it.
Job was done great, thanks guys!


Was done on time and without any extra fees or questions.


Alex and his assistant were polite and professional. Than you guys, definitely will ask you to
do anything else.

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* The customer pays the full cost of the service if the equipment does not work correctly or does not work after assembly, and its replacement or repair is required under the manufacturer's warranty

* Travel fee in case we found broken pieces when we opened box is $50

* In the case of installation of professional, expensive, non-standard equipment, the price can be agreed upon before starting work

* Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider

* In case of price change, the client is warned in advance

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