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Welcome to Aksestroy LLC – your trusted tiling contractor in Bergen and Hudson Counties, NJ, and Rockland County, NY.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional tiling installation backed by years of experience. Since our establishment in 2015, our team of skilled contractors has been providing top-notch tiling solutions to residential and commercial clients. With a minimum of 5 years of experience, our contractors possess the expertise and craftsmanship required to bring your tiling projects to life.

Our range of tiling services

Whether you're looking to revamp your kitchen backsplash, upgrade your bathroom tiles, or add an elegant touch to your living spaces, Aksestroy LLC has you covered. We specialize in a wide range of tiling options to suit various styles and preferences:

  1. Ceramic: our team is well-versed in working with ceramic tiles, which are a popular choice due to their durability, versatility, and wide range of design options. From classic subway tiles to intricate patterns, we ensure precise installation and a flawless finish.
  2. Porcelain: known for their exceptional strength and resistance to moisture, porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas and outdoor applications. We offer a variety of porcelain tile options, including textured, polished, and matte finishes, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.
  3. Natural stone: for a touch of elegance and natural beauty, we provide installation services for natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, limestone, and travertine. These unique materials offer timeless charm and can transform any room into a luxurious retreat.
  4. Mosaic: if you're looking to make a bold statement or add intricate details to your tiling project, our team specializes in mosaic tiles. These small, intricate pieces create stunning patterns and designs, adding a touch of artistry to your space.
  5. Custom designs: at Aksestroy LLC, we understand that every client has unique preferences and design aspirations. Our team is skilled in creating custom designs, tailored to your specific vision. Whether you desire a personalized pattern, a logo mosaic, or a unique layout, our experienced designers will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life.

Our experienced designers

We understand that selecting the perfect tile design can be overwhelming. That's why we have a dedicated in-house designer who can assist you in making informed design choices. Our designer will work closely with you, taking into account your personal style, preferences, and the overall aesthetics of your space. They will guide you through the selection process, offering expert advice on tile types, color schemes, and layout options. With their keen eye for design, they will help create a cohesive and visually stunning result that reflects your individual taste.

Also, our designers can help in creating your unique tile style. Our team is skilled in creating custom designs, tailored to your specific vision. Whether you desire a personalized pattern, a logo mosaic, or a unique layout, our experienced designers will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life.

Why choose Aksestroy LLC?

  1. Expertise and experience: our team of professionals has extensive knowledge of the industry's best practices and the latest tiling trends. With years of experience under our belt, we guarantee impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in every project we undertake.
  2. Project insurance and timely execution: we understand the importance of reliability and peace of mind. That's why we offer project insurance, ensuring that your investment is protected. Moreover, we value your time and adhere to agreed-upon deadlines, ensuring that your tiling project is completed in a timely manner.
  3. Client satisfaction: we take pride in our track record of client satisfaction. Our previous clients have commended our professionalism, reliability, and the superior quality of our work. We believe that our success lies in building long-term relationships based on trust and exceeding customer expectations.
  4. Transparent pricing: we believe in fair and competitive pricing. Aksestroy LLC offers transparent quotes, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved. We are committed to delivering value for your investment.
  5. Excellent customer service: we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional service from start to finish. Our team maintains open lines of communication, promptly addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have throughout the project. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

For all your tiling needs in New Jersey, trust Aksestroy LLC to deliver outstanding results. Contact us today for further information, to discuss your project, or to request a quote. Let us transform your space with our expertise, attention to detail, and personalized design assistance. Come on lets discuss it!

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With us your projects are protected and handled professionally.







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Done on time and on budget




I asked Alex to come and do tiling in my bathroom in Jersey City.Can't say the rate is cheap but the guys did really good job to be paid for over market money.Very attentive to details, don't cut corners.


They did a complete kitchen renovation in my house. Tiling was a part of the total project.I am a kind of a picky myself but they deserve real 4+


Aksestroy did a floor tiling for me.The rate was within the current market all was quite transparent with materials and payments.

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