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With over 5 years of experience in assembling sports equipment, we are your trusted experts in getting your punching bag up and ready for action. Click the "ORDER NOW" button to receive a fast estimate and experience the convenience of a hassle-free installation.

Our services include

  1. Precise installation. We'll expertly install your customer-supplied punching bag following the manufacturer's instructions to ensure it's secure and ready for use.
  2. Product placement. To make your experience seamless, please have your heavy bag in the room where it will be installed before our provider arrives. Moving the product before assembly is not part of our service.
  3. Clean-Up. We take pride in our work, which includes cleaning up the work area after installation. We'll even dispose of packaging materials in your bins unless you prefer otherwise.
  4. Transparent pricing. In some cases, products may require additional work, which could result in an updated estimate from our provider. Rest assured, we'll always inform you in advance of any changes.
  5. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand by the quality of our work, and we're committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with the service provided.
  6. Exclusive discount. As a token of our appreciation, every customer who submits a request through our online form will receive a 7% discount on all our services.

The advantages of professional installation

Choosing a professional installation service for your punching bag comes with several benefits:

  • Safety first. Proper installation ensures your heavy bag is securely mounted, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to your property.
  • Time and effort saved. Skip the headache of deciphering complicated instructions or struggling with DIY installations. Let our experts handle it while you relax.
  • Peace of mind. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that your punching bag will be installed to the highest standards.

Heavy bag moving

In addition to installation, we also offer heavy bag moving services. Whether you're relocating your existing heavy bag within your home or to a new location, we've got you covered.


  1. Moving Up to 100 Lb (1 person) one floor: $60 (+ $20 for every subsequent floor)
  2. Moving 100 Lb – 200 Lb (2 persons) one floor: $120 (+ $40 for every subsequent floor)
  3. Moving 200 Lb - 350 Lb (3 persons) one floor: $180 (+ $60 for every subsequent floor)
  4. Moving More than 350 Lb: Pricing to be discussed based on the specifics of your heavy bag.

Trust us with your punching bag installation service and experience the convenience and professionalism that sets us apart. Click "ORDER NOW" to get started!

Why people choose us

With us your projects are protected and handled professionally.







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Hi there, I like to do boxing, guys helped me to keep working! Thank you


I have the bag delivered in my garage. Alex came and installed it very quickly. Also had test kicks.


Very fast , professional , super cool.

* The customer pays the full cost of the service if the equipment does not work correctly or does not work after assembly, and its replacement or repair is required under the manufacturer's warranty

* Travel fee in case we found broken pieces when we opened box is $50

* In the case of installation of professional, expensive, non-standard equipment, the price can be agreed upon before starting work

* Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider

* In case of price change, the client is warned in advance

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