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Some of you search for a handyman to do specific or odd jobs about your house. As statistics say
there are over 95.000 handyman services in the United States. Basically a handyman is a man. And each is different
by his skills, experience and price, of course. Some can work individually, some work for a service company.

Below I pointed out 5 important criterias to help you choose the right one among thousands

  1. Reviews. If a pro is in the business he has reviews, so can be high rated or have bad reviews from past customers.
    The more good reviews a handyman has- the more chances you have a job will be done on time and on budget.
  2. Hour rate. Of course $150 per hour is too much , but if he says he will drive 30 min to do 2 hour job for $70- you have to
    think twice before ordering the service.
  3. Most jobs a handyman does are typical so if you ask about the process- an experienced guy will tell you all the details about
    the future job, including the materials he needs.
  4. For some pretty clear assembly, installation and moving jobs a pro will easily provide a flat rate.
  5. And the last important thing is communication. A good guy can be far away from his phone all the day and
    check his email box twice a month. The one who cares about a customer replies pretty quickly.
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