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Home gym setups are becoming increasingly popular, with power towers being a crucial component for versatile bodyweight exercises. However, assembling and positioning a power tower correctly can be a complex task, especially for those unfamiliar with fitness equipment. This is where our professional assembly services come in, ensuring a seamless experience.

What's Included in our services in Aksestroy LLC:

  • Precise assembly: our experienced technicians assemble your customer-supplied power tower in accordance with the product instructions, guaranteeing proper functionality.
  • Strategic placement: for optimal results, ensure the product is positioned in the designated room prior to our team's arrival. We do not include moving the product after assembly, allowing us to focus on the assembly's quality.
  • Tidy workspace: we believe in leaving your space immaculate. Our team cleans up the assembly area and disposes of packaging materials responsibly, either in your bins or as per your preference.
  • Transparent pricing: additional requirements may lead to revised estimates, ensuring fairness and transparency in our services.
  • Exclusive offer: when utilizing our online form, every customer enjoys a 7% discount on all services, showcasing our commitment to providing value.

Moving services

Recognizing that movement might be necessary, we also offer power tower moving services to meet your needs:

  • Up to 100 Lb (1 person): For a fee of $60, we'll move your power tower one floor. Each subsequent floor incurs an additional charge of $20.
  • 100 Lb – 200 Lb (2 person): If your equipment weighs between 100 Lb and 200 Lb, our team of two can move it one floor for $120. Each extra floor adds $40 to the cost.
  • 200 Lb – 350 Lb (3 person): For heavier equipment within the range of 200 Lb to 350 Lb, our three-person team can move it to another floor for $180. Moving to subsequent floors is charged at $60 each.
  • More than 350 Lb: For equipment exceeding 350 Lb, we're here to discuss a tailored solution that meets your requirements.

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I have my basement remodeled and ordered a power tower in it to do some exercises.
I found the guys in google search, they had some good reviews, I asked them to come and they did all the job perfectly.


Currently I don't have a man in my house so I called Aksestroy to come and to assemble the Power Tower. They were on time and left no litter after.


They came assembled and left. Nothing bad happened. All good

* The customer pays the full cost of the service if the equipment does not work correctly or does not work after assembly, and its replacement or repair is required under the manufacturer's warranty

* Travel fee in case we found broken pieces when we opened box is $50

* In the case of installation of professional, expensive, non-standard equipment, the price can be agreed upon before starting work

* Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider

* In case of price change, the client is warned in advance

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