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If you need a roofing installation services in your area, Aksestroy LLC is your trusted local roofer contractor in North Bergen, New Jersey, serving the entire State of New Jersey. We are your go-to residential roofer for all your roofing needs. Our team of certified roofers is dedicated to delivering professional roofing solutions to protect your major investment – your home.

Why choose professional roofing contractors for your project

When it comes to roofing installation and repair, the decision to hire professional contractors like Aksestroy LLC offers numerous advantages. Here's why turning to certified and licensed roofers is a smart choice:

  1. Expertise: professional roofers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They are well-versed in the latest roofing techniques, materials, and industry best practices, ensuring that your roofing project is executed with precision and efficiency.
  2. Quality workmanship: certified roofers take pride in their work. They are committed to delivering high-quality results that meet or exceed industry standards. With their attention to detail, you can trust that your roofing job will be done right the first time.
  3. Safety: roofing projects can be hazardous, especially for those without the proper training and equipment. Professional roofers prioritize safety, using the necessary precautions to protect themselves and your property throughout the project.
  4. Compliance: licensed roofers are well-versed in local building codes and regulations. They ensure that your roofing project complies with all relevant codes, preventing potential issues down the road.
  5. Efficiency: professionals work efficiently to complete your roofing project in a timely manner. They have the right tools and techniques to streamline the process, minimizing disruptions to your daily life.
  6. Cost-effective: while it may seem tempting to tackle roofing projects on your own, hiring professionals can actually save you money in the long run. They have access to quality materials at competitive prices, and their expertise reduces the risk of costly mistakes and future repairs.
  7. Warranty: reputable roofing companies often provide warranties on their work. This means that in the rare event of an issue post-installation, you have the peace of mind that it will be addressed promptly and at no additional cost to you.
  8. Project management: professional roofers like Aksestroy LLC have established project management systems in place. They oversee every aspect of your roofing project, from planning and design to execution and cleanup, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.
  9. Customer satisfaction: professional roofers prioritize customer satisfaction. They take the time to understand your needs, provide clear communication throughout the project, and address any concerns or questions you may have.
  10. Long-term value: investing in professional roofing services adds long-term value to your property. A well-installed and maintained roof not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also increases its resale value.

Types of roofs

We offer three types of roofing installation services to meet your specific needs.

  • Why choose copper roofing?

When it comes to roofing materials, copper stands out as a premium choice. Unlike other metals, copper doesn't rust, peel, or scratch. Over time, it develops a beautiful green patina, adding a unique charm

 to your home. Copper has a long history of being used as a roofing material due to its natural cooling properties, which can help reduce energy costs.

Maintenance is a breeze with copper roofing. It requires no special washing, painting, or extensive repairs. Even when a panel gets dinged, leave it be – it only adds to the natural aesthetic. Embrace the weathering process and enjoy the stunning patina that develops over time.

  • Slate roofs: timeless elegance

For those seeking a roofing material that exudes elegance and longevity, slate is the answer. Slate roofs boast a natural appearance, fire resistance, rot resistance, and a lifespan of approximately 100 years. While weight and price can be drawbacks, the benefits far outweigh these considerations. Slate comes in various colors and styles to suit your preferences.

At Slate Roof Professionals of Northern New Jersey, we offer a wide selection of slate options that weather beautifully and stand the test of time. With a lifetime of 100 years or more, slate roofs provide exceptional durability and fireproof protection, making them a wise investment for your home.

  • Wood roofs: beauty and durability

Cedar shingles and shakes have been trusted for centuries as a durable roofing material. These roofs not only provide long-lasting weather protection but also impart a rustic aesthetic to your property. Cedar's natural beauty is undeniable, and it adds an instant "Wow Factor" to any structure.

While the price may be a consideration, the investment in a professionally installed cedar roof is well worth it. Aksestroy's roofing crew specializes in cedar wood shake roofs in New Jersey, offering both eco-friendliness and natural resistance to pests. Our expertise ensures a beautiful look for your home and exceptional thermal protection.

It's crucial to choose the right installer and materials for a cedar shake roof, as improper installation can lead to premature failure. With the right care, your cedar shake roof can last up to 80 years. Trust Aksestroy to provide expert installation and superior cedar roofing products for your building.

At roofer company Aksestroy LLC, we take pride in our 6 years of experience, skilled workmanship, excellent customer service, fair business practices, and effective project management. When you need a roofer, count on us to deliver top-quality roofing solutions for your residential or commercial building. Contact us today to discuss your roofing needs and experience the Aksestroy difference!

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