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It is recommended to use a plastic shed for:

  • to store a gas tank, a water pump, a power plant;
  • storage from rain and dampness of garden furniture;
  • drying and storage of firewood;
  • storage of garden and construction tools, varnishes, paints and other chemicals;
  • maintenance of bicycles, motorcycles, small machinery;
  • temporary storage of outdoor barbecue;
  • rranging a workshop, for example, for working with wood;

Now let me show some of benefits of plastic sheds:

Lightweight construction, typically no concrete foundation is required. Already saving time and money. All you need to do is to find a suitable place for installation and to build a base for it.

You can assemble a building with your own hands in just a couple of hours, there is nothing complicated about it. Plastic parts can be connected to each other without welding and buying additional fasteners, this is a ready-made kit. If you can not, our company is ready to do it for you.

No additional finishing is typically needed to give the shed a pretty appearance and to protect, for example, blockwork or wood from external influences. Plastic sheds initially look original, landscape design will not be spoiled.

If necessary, it is easy to disassemble and move to another place.

Plastic is not afraid of pests, corrosion, mold and fungus, withstands both severe frosts and heat.

Usually a manufacturer provides 10 years warranty, but in reality it can last much longer.

The market has a great amount of sheds to choose from different sizes to suit your needs. There are more complex designs, there are very simple ones that are assembled in an hour or two.

The plastic is easy to clean up to clean up the shed.

Most of the models are already equipped with drainage and catchment systems.

Most plastic sheds have a ventilation system and windows for natural light to come in.

The cost is quite affordable for almost all homeowners.

We should not forget about the disadvantages of plastic sheds:

Temperature. Plastic cannot be as brick, stone, or wood for warmth; a PVC shed cools quickly and heats up quickly. And if in the summer it is not of great importance, then in winter it is impossible to store many items in it.

Plastic, even the most durable, is easily damaged, for example, by accidentally hitting it with a shovel or other sharp tool.

Despite the fact that, according to the forecasts of the manufacturer, such structures can withstand severe loads, the plastic itself is not very strong and can break on impact. Therefore, such a shed can be damaged even by accident, to say nothing of malicious intent and heavy tools such as an ax. Therefore, in order to avoid theft, you should not leave expensive things and equipment for a long time.

Such a shed will not protect against thieves, nothing of value can be stored. If you are leaving for a long time, you should not leave tools in a plastic building. Robbers can simply break through a thin plastic door without even trying to push out the lock.

Not all models come with storage systems. Sometimes the manufacturer offers only one or two shelves or a rack along one of the walls. The owners will have to worry about the rest of the storage places inside the shed on their own.

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